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4.02 Star Rating
218 reviews
Maira R.3 weeks ago
"Bell at universal has been excellent living there this past few months, the community is very clean and quiet. The leasing office are very polite and sufficient."
Lucien R.1 month ago
"I like having the food trucks..."
Mercedes J.1 month ago
"The maintenance personal are very professional, as office management team. They also are respectful and kind. The location of the condo is very comfortable, near I4, and important avenues, also schools, Publix, Walmart, Pharmacies, and other services. I like very much live at Bell at Universal."
Current Resident1 month ago
"Quiet, clean and convenient location experience. Maintenance team is an A+, always on top of things and very approachable."
Karthik G.1 month ago
"Community is maintained well. Secure, Safe and Pleasant place to stay for a family with kids - big advantage being it is tied to Dr Phillips Elementary"
Paul V.2 months ago
"Amazing community to leave in, beautiful, great amenities, pool is awesome!!"
Elijah G.2 months ago
"Everything is perfect. Thank you!"
Ana A.2 months ago
"We talked with Recia and made the tour with her. She was great, explained everything and gave us an excellent support. She also followed cleaning procedures (she had a Clorox wipes with her)! It was a great experience!"
Current Resident2 months ago
"Bell at Universal has the best staff. The apartments are beautiful and so is the area. Im so glad I chose to live here."
Barry *.2 months ago
"Great place to live. Very well appointed spacious apartments, clean, safe, friendly, and very well maintained."
Maria Q.2 months ago
"Bell at Universal excelente sitio para vivir, tranquilo, seguro, limpio, moderno, cerca de todo"
Current Resident3 months ago
"me encanta la distribucion del apartamento el diseno, y la comunidad en general es super tranquila"
Kimberly R.3 months ago
"Bell at Universal is gorgeous. Tony was a pleasure to work with. The maintenance staff are quick, and professional. Im so glad I chose this place to live."
Maria Q.3 months ago
"Es un sitio tranquilo, con seguridad, los apartamentos son bellos por dentro y por fuera. Excelente zona"
Current Resident4 months ago
"We LOVE Bell at Universal - the property is clean, well-maintained, and beautiful; the staff is responsive and helpful - they never leave us hanging; and the units are modern and spacious!"
Bexy V.5 months ago
"La comunidad en general ofrece excelentes condiciones en muchos aspectos"
Mercedes J.7 months ago
"La ubicacion en la zona es muy conveniente, se dispone de buenos colegios y el becindario es tranquilo. La gestion de la ofiina de administrcion es muy profesional, cordial y eficiente, asi como la gestion del manenimiento de las areas comunes y unidades."
Current Resident7 months ago
"Amazing management service and communication from everyone I interact with."
Current Resident8 months ago
"Its really a nice community. I like that and enjoy it"
Current Resident8 months ago
"We just moved in and we have been telling all of our friends via social media how much we really like Bell at Universal"
Mercedes J.8 months ago
"I love Bell at Universal, because the people in charge of manage is very respectful, and efficient dealing with every issue."
Mercedes J.9 months ago
"La comunidad tiene una ubiccion privilegiada en cuanto a xcelentes colegios, farmacis, supermerado, acceso a transporte publico y cercania a las autopistas. La dministracion es muy responsable, accesible, efectiva y eficiente, lo cual se refleja en el apropiado mantenimiento de las instalaciones comunes, asi como en las unidades y actividades sociales que se desarrollan durante todo el año."
Aundrea T.10 months ago
"these apartments are the most cleanest apartments and the friendliest staff that I've ever seen the maintenance crew is completely awesome"
Terry S.11 months ago
"They are so Great and Wonderful a d Awesome!!!!"
Current Resident11 months ago
"Seems like a great place to live and I believe the staff try to address issues on property."
Viviane P.11 months ago
"Since I met this community I was completely satisfied with everything I saw. From the application process to the time of handing over the keys, I received all the necessary attention with courtesy and sympathy. The community is clean and organized. The apartments are all new and have the best appliances. I love living at the Bell."
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